The key features of parquet are its strength, resistance, stability and durability. The Industrial parquet was initially used to cover floors in Creationshops, factories or premises subject to frequent trampling and wear. Today, it is reinterpreted in modern spaces such as lofts and design villas as a latest-generation choice. Its extremely high resistance and the possibility to polish it many times make this parquet exceptionally durable.

C72 Cognac
C86 Land
P01 Prelevigato Unfinished
Industriale T00 Noce
Industriale T00 Rovere
Industriale T00 Teak Asia
Y25 Naturalizzato


The operating environmental humidity must be between 45% and 60% at a temperature of approximately 20°C.

Please note:
Wood is a natural product and each plank is a unique specimen, hence planks may differ one from the other.

Declaration of performance
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