Our story

We know wood and we have been taking care of it for over 30 years. We take it from the quiet of the woods directly to the privacy of your home. Today Labor Legno is an industry leader. Keeping its roots in Italy, the company extends over a surface of over 25,000 square metres, of which 5,000 metres covered and 20,000 metres uncovered, where it handles each phase of the production of wood flooring and cladding.

Environmental Respect

We select forests that are preserved with respect for the environment. Labor Legno directly manages the search and import of all its raw materials, and can thus certify the origin of each type of wood. With the upmost care and respect for environmental standards, the company chooses its woods only from legal sources and from forests that are supervised responsibly. It also subscribes to two main certification schemes for materials, the FSC® and PEFC™ programmes.

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The work cycle

Our workflow is dictated by the natural rhythm of the tree. We take care of our product in each phase of its lifecycle, from the log to the pavement. Labor Legno manages production and commercialisation. For the products made by the company, each phase of the manufacture takes place on-site. Labor Legno handles log storage, sawing, production, painting, up to the last finishing touch and shipping. The production system has been developed through years of manufacture experience, research on raw materials and on new technologies. The same quality guarantee is certified on those products that Labor Legno purchases and resells, thanks to a direct relationship with trusted production companies. As a result, the whole range of Labor Legno products is reliable, resistant, and in line.