Classic herringbone
The traditional oak herringbone is ideal for laying in herringbone, brick and basket patterns. Created to embellish environments, it is made up of single elements of equal size that are laid perpendicular to each other, forming a 90° angle. It is ideal for classic environments, but also for modern ones seeking dynamism even in the laying of the floor. For a highly personalised home, Labor Legno can supply any type of design composition, herringbone and finish upon request.

Spina Tradizionale Decora Finiture
Spina Tradizionale Decora P01
Spina Tradizionale Dimora Finiture
Spina Tradizionale Dimora P01
Spina Tradizionale Domus P01
Spina Tradizionale Domus V00
Spina Tradizionale Kant P01
Spina Tradizionale Kant V00


• Plywood support
• Tongue and groove on 4 sides
• Top layer prestigious wood 3-4mm
• Glued installation

The operating environmental humidity must be between 45% and 60% at a temperature of approximately 20°C.

Please note:
Wood is a natural product and each plank is a unique specimen, hence planks may differ one from the other in colour.

The use of adhesive tape on the handcrafted finishes is not recommended as it can damage the surface.

Data sheet
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