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A wide range of clear and dark tones for a total of eleven oak finishes, one elm finish and one teak finish. Thanks to its shiny finishes, the Uniko parquet brightens every space and gives warmth to your house.

Y23 Spazz. Vern. Acqua Neutro
R11 Restaurato
R15 Shore Oliato
R16 Restaurato Naturale
R56 Piallato XY50 Oliato
U07 Grigio OIL UV
U09 Smoked OIL UV
U11 Vernice OIL UV
V15 Invisible Lacquer
V25 Mist White Lacquer
V28 Bianco
V29 Sand V


Thickness 14/15mm
Width 180/190mm
Length 1800/1900mm*

*Note: there may be some shorter planks inside
the packaging


• Tongue and groove on the 4 sides
• Bevelled edges
• Top layer valuable prestigious wood, thickness 3mm
• Balancing counter face
• Central support in fir wood orthogonal to the noble wood
• Floating or glued installation

The operating environmental humidity must be between 45% and 60% at a temperature of approximately 20°C.

Please note:
Wood is a natural product and each plank is a unique specimen, hence planks may differ one from the other in colour.

The use of adhesive tape on the handcrafted finishes is not recommended as it can damage the surface.

Data sheet
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Declaration of performance
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Mia House, Rome, Italy
CREDITS: Arch. Arabella Rocca in partnership with Di Francesco & Paternò | Parquet e Resina su misura dal 1990.

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