The Decora parquet line features different formats with the same thickness. This line satisfies the need for matching the warmth of the wood with the convenience of easy cleaning and maintenance. The water-based varnish used is highly resistant to dirt and deterioration, making parquet maintenance easier.

A22 Clay
C70 Bianco Neve
C72 Cognac
C75 Country
C77 Sand
C78 City
C86 Land
C87 Sabbia
C89 Grey
P01 Prelevigato Unfinished
U12 Almond
X27 Follina
X28 Bassano
X29 Asolo
Y21 Acqua Neutro
Y24 Thermo Naturalizzato
Y25 Naturalizzato

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Declaration of performance
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Casa Maniago, Pordenone, Italy