Casa Durante, Rome, Italy
CREDITS: Arch. Filomena De Martino in partnership with Di Francesco & Paternò | Parquet e Resina su misura dal 1990.

A modern abode

Essential style, that with few elements draws a sober but firm character. With a simple and versatile drawing, the layered oak fitting is suited for every room of the house, creating a unison of colors and atmospheres between the bedrooms and the living area.

C71 Bianco Ghiaggio
C72 Cognac
C77 Sand
C78 City
C84 Navy
C86 Land
C87 Sabbia
C89 Grey
H70 Piallato Naturalizzato
H75 Smoked Pial H20
H76 Piallato H20
R52 Piallato Oliato 902
R53 Piallato Oliato 903
R54 Piallato Oliato 904
Y21 Acqua Neutro
Y25 Naturalizzato